Local volunteers testing out a newly installed water fountain in Timo, Haiti.

Local volunteers testing out a newly installed water fountain in Timo, Haiti.

HHI helps provide easily accessible and safe water sources to the people of Timo by improving upon or repairing water systems already in place.

In a single trip, our team installed 2000 feet of pipe, including 7 fountains on the existing system and 1 on the new Steve spring. Current work has more than quadrupled the amount of laid pipe. This has changed the lives of 212 individuals from 37 families who directly benefit from the water fountains installed by having access to clean water on a daily basis. Additionally, hundreds of families travel to our fountains to get clean water, and hundreds of passersby use the public fountains on a daily basis.

All parts of water project planning, installation, and maintenance are completed with the help of local Haitians. Throughout the process, we show what to do, explain why, and then leave them with a list of instructions on how to repair and protect the system. These leaders then further our work and educate members of their community to be aware of and protect the pipes.

Future water projects will address air valves and isolation valves, upgrade and repair current systems, identify more springs, develop safe water access points at the river, and provide additional distribution piping to assist in year-round access to irrigation water. Throughout our efforts, we are planning for long-term maintenance of the system, which includes funding and training how to maintain pipe. This will contribute much to the self-sufficiency and overall maintenance of the safe water system in Timo, Haiti.

HHI does not give free handouts; instead, we focus on teaching principles so that one day, the local people will no longer need our help. Make a major difference in the lives of others and donate to our water projects now.